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Belarusian Educational Business Map
Modern education is going beyond traditional schools and universities. People are looking for non-stop education and the opportunity to broaden their horizons. Dynamic development of educational business and technologies allows everyone to learn any new skills and knowledge in a convenient format from the comfort of their home.

The industry of EdTech is the one experiencing exceptional growth. Experts forecast the EdTech market to grow to 404B $ by 2025, which is 2 times more than its value at the present moment.

Belarus is not staying apart from this trend.

To better understand the Belarusian educational business ecosystem, we created a map of EdTech businesses and projects that are out there in Belarus or have Belarusian roots.

Click on logos on the map and follow the links to learn more.

There are more than 100 projects on the map now and we will regularly update this page with new educational products.

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Online music school provides the opportunity to learn music skills under a qualified teacher's supervision.

Artyom Shaplyko Music School

Original video lessons and classes with teachers on a variety of musical skills.


School of urban changes. The course aims to guide urban projects from the idea stage to their implementation.


Studio of additional education and career counseling for teens.


Professional online and offline education in design and art.


Online and offline art education for all ages and proficiency levels.

The First Step

Online course "Modern Art as Creative Instrument" created by an educational platform "The First Step".


Opportunity to master singing with the help of online classes. Muskool offers courses for students of all ages and proficiency levels. 

Technical Education

Крыніца: сэрвіс Canva

Virtual resource and online tutor for Mathematics learning. The service provides digital materials, tests, and educational games.


Courses and games on logic for children and adults.


Educational online ecosystem for children and teens implementing principles of project-based learning.

<epam> training center

Free online IT courses from a big Belarusian IT corporation.

BelHard Academy

Online and offline IT courses provide educational programs on a wide range of IT competencies.


Online and offline IT education for children and teens.

IT-Academy and ITeen-Academy

A wide range of online and offline IT courses for teens and adults.


Technical education for children in 5 areas: mobile robotics, the Internet of Things, 3D modeling and prototyping, programming and mathematics for AI, and circuit engineering.


The center implements engineering and digital education in schools by conducting presentations of school digital STEM laboratories, developing methodical materials for school equipment, and preparing ready-to-use educational programs.

My Freedom

A wide range of online and offline IT courses for teens and adults.


Academy of non-technical IT provides courses for specialists in sales and recruiting.

My Monday

Individual and corporate training in IT project management, business analysis, design, software testing, and other IT competencies.


Online and offline training for those starting their journey in the world of IT. The school offers training in software development, business analysis, design, and other IT competencies.


Innovative IT courses for children and teenagers. Possibility of studying programming and robotics, and participation in summer camps.

Online Schools and Courses for Children and Teens

Крыніца: сэрвіс Canva

A well-known international online coding school that teaches children all around the world.


A full-scale online school that offers teaching in 179 disciplines. The school has more than 1,000 tutors and 30,000 students.


The service offers courses, videos, and articles for children, teenagers, and their parents on sexual education.


Effor allows you to organize online individual and group work on mastering the school curriculum, study for exams and CT. The service offers thematic online assignments and courses adapted to the curriculum.

100 Ballov

The educational center offers a wide range of online and offline courses for children and teenagers: studying the school curriculum, preparing for admission to universities and lyceums, and more.


Educational center offering preparation for centralized tests, career counseling, and IT education.

Courses of Lazurkin

Preparation for CT online and offline. The basis of learning is not memorization, but the formation of associative connections, which helps to remember the information at once.


Service helps to find tutors online and offline all over Belarus.


The first online secondary school in Belarus that works with children from the 3rd to the 10th grade.


Universal online platform for Belarusian students.


Online school with live classes. The school teaches official general education study plans in Belarusian and Russian while also providing extracurricular and pre-school courses.

Smart school

Private secondary school offers online and offline individual and group classes for students from the 1st to the 11th grade.


Business academy for teens where teachers are replaced by successful businessmen and boring classes are replaced with workshops and business cases.


Business school for teens aims to help young people develop entrepreneurship skills, creative thinking, soft skills, and make mindful career decisions.

General Education

Крыніца: сэрвіс Canva

A social media with Belarusian roots. EduDo is a mobile learning platform with short educational videos similar to TikTok.


Inspiring and teaching app for your kids — a safe space for them to learn and get homework help from their peers, share their knowledge with others, and try to earn some pocket money from creativity!

Book Your Study

Service for choosing and booking education abroad and in Belarus. Provides the opportunity to choose to study and get expert advice in the field of education.


Free space to share knowledge and thoughts.

Open Lektorij

Through interesting webinars and posts, the project brings modern "digital" Belarus to a wide audience. All lectures are recorded and available for free.


A large educational center. Offers online and offline courses in the field of foreign languages, business, design, and others.

Kvadratny Apelsin

The center offers individual and corporate training in business and personal development for children and adults.

Vse Kursy

Service for finding online and offline courses on various topics.


A space for older people, where they can pursue their ideas and dreams, get up-to-date knowledge and share their experiences.

University of Golden Age

A university in Grodno, offers interesting meetings with interesting people, an opportunity to learn something that previously there was not enough time for, to develop intellectually, physically, and spiritually.


Social and educational project for older people. The organization offers inclusion in the process of non-formal education, volunteering, and creating conditions for the development of social contacts and creative activity.

Smart Doctor

An opportunity for medical staff to attend lectures and share useful experiences in an online and offline formats.


The school provides free first aid classes and shares information about principles and the importance of learning first aid.

Resourses for Educators

Крыніца: сэрвіс Canva

EdTech Belarus

EdTech community in Belarus. Here you will find useful materials for educators, video interviews, announces of EdTech hackathons, and more.


A flexible and easy-to-use platform for creating small online courses. The program allows you to make the process of creating an educational product as simple and effective as possible.

Education infrastructure - from a digital diary and a class journal to a system that connects all participants of the educational process.


A platform for mobile micro-learning of employees in the format of stories consisted of flashcards. You can use a pre-made course or create your own educational product.

A public project created by teachers and for teachers as a platform for cooperation, exchange of experience, materials, and pedagogical ideas.


CleverPoint is a VR-integrated wearable technology designed to collect and analyze user’s responses to VR content.


A number of programs expand the possibilities of mobile devices in the field of education.

EdTech BY. Digital Educator

The project draws educators who teach online together in order to help them develop necessary technical skills.

Ready for Remote Learning

Training and useful resources for educators.

Language Learning and Voice Improvement

Крыніца: сэрвіс Canva

Mobile app for developing Belarusian language skills in your occupation. The project offers individual and corporate training.

Mova Nanova

Free online Belarusian language courses.


An app to build and train your language vocabulary daily.


Online distraction-free editor with a multilingual translator, grammar checker, and synonyms library built-in.


Mobile interactive assistant that helps to improve the speech and oral motor skills of preschool children.


Online and offline courses on public speaking.

Vocal Image

Speech training and voice therapy app for speakers and singers.

Online and offline foreign language learning.


The largest foreign language school in Belarus offering online and offline learning of a wide range of foreign languages.

English Papa

Online learning of English. They also offer similar services for learning German, Arabic, Korean and other languages.

English camp by

A Facebook group that was created for teachers of English who organize and run English language camps during school holidays.

Online Class

Online English language school that was founded by a British businessman and a Belarusian English teacher.

Brilliant Vacation

Summer German-language online camp for children and teenagers. The camp is free of charge. Schoolchildren who are learning German, as well as those who want to start learning it, are invited.


App that helps children to learn Belarusian alphabet and master reading in Belarusian.

Business Education

Крыніца: сэрвіс Canva


Knomary develops new products to automate all major L&D processes: remote onboarding, employee training, and development, educational content creation, and recovery.

business tools

Business training that successfully uses online tools while maintaining interaction between the trainer and the team. Online training, blended format, micro-learning, and educational programs design.


Imaguru is tailored to drive corporate innovation, accelerate and invest in startups, and support tech talent. Imaguru has become one of a few partners of Google for startups in Europe, intending to develop a European startup community.


A game-based training company that works with professional business games.

PRO Facilitation

Workshops, online training, and educational programs to master and develop the skill of managing group discussions and meetings.

Here and Now

A business school that offers a wide range of offline and online courses in finance, human resources management, soft skills, and more.

IBA Institute

Institute of IT and Business Administration.


Long-term and short-term training courses for top managers, middle managers, and specialists.


A portal that offers a wide range of courses for professional training.

A space and community where you can work, hold meetings with partners and employees. There is an opportunity to learn and get advice on issues of organization and planning of business activities.


A startup school that conducts regular consultations, online and offline meetings in Krupki and Berezino.

Gusarov Edu

Online courses on Internet marketing.

Pro Retail

Offers a wide range of educational business training programs for professionals.

XXI век

One of the first business schools in Belarus, which deals with strategic and technological development of clients' companies, develops functional management and implements management tools, and promotes personal and professional transformation of students.


ProWomen is a non-profit organization in Belarus helping women achieve their professional goals, increase income and become financially independent.
The organization provides assistance in business launching and developing (scaling), enhancing the representation of women experts in the media, and supporting their career advancement. ProWomen arranges educational events and programs, act as a media resource and help women experts in their first attempts of article writing.


Education on business analysis.

Psychology and Soft Skills

Крыніца: сэрвіс Canva


Online and offline soft skills training and coaching for professionals.


Online and offline training to develop communication and negotiation skills.

Natalia Darmel

Coaching, training, and group programs on emotional intelligence and effective communication.

A natural development portal offering personal and corporate ennea training and coaching.

Belarusian educational business has been developing online for a long time now which has been being a great opportunity for expanding the market and further development. The global pandemic and the last 2 years of active immigration of Belarusian professionals have only encouraged the emergence of new digital educational projects.

Without any doubt, the Belarusian market for educational technologies will keep on growing. New companies, individual educators, and consultants will contribute to the development of industry of education not only in Belarus but worldwide.

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